Monday, September 26, 2011

7-11 Project: Revising My "Fat, Lazy Loser Complex"

Well, let's see. My own opinion of myself as a "fat, lazy, procrastinating loser" has been raised a few notches. I will now be known as just "fat, lazy loser", as I have not so much procrastinated this week as simply been RUSHING around like a mad woman trying to accomplish all the things that I've set my mind to. I've come up a tad short. I've not scratched off as many things on the 7-11 Project as I would have liked, but I'm trying to look at it from the "glass-half-full" perspective. Please join me in patting myself on the back for what I have gotten done. So without further ado:

1. Write 11 blog posts.

The amazing thing about blogger is my ability to write drafts, and then schedule them for future postings. I could lie to you people and say that I am Superwoman and have written ALL ELEVEN POSTS and scheduled their release. Consequently, there should have been a #12 on my 7-11 Project List that read, "Work on not exaggerating so much." Since 10 times out of 9, you'll find me exaggerating about something, I'll tell you that I am secretly working on this problem. So. . . . .honestly, I have composed 4 posts (including last Wednesday's first one). I'm pretty proud of myself actually. You'll see them on my Wednesday posts coming up in October. :) Aren't you pumped?! . . .I thought you would be.

2. Do/visit/try 11 new things or places.

Last week, I started "Biblical Counseling Courses". I cannot tell you how excited I am at this new opportunity. It's 3 semesters of courses on the ins-and-outs of biblical counseling and psychology and then I will be able to take my certification testing to be a counselor. This is something that I've always wanted to do. Lord knows, I've gone through my own share of counselors growing up (as much of my childhood/early adulthood has been something short of fully-functional). The more experiences that God brings me through, the more I hear him behind me saying, "Now help others with these same problems". So not only is this a new experience, and one to scratch off the list, it is also a door opening to future possibilities in ministry, which I'm super excited about!

3. Read 11 books.

I have read ONE whole book since Micah was born. ONE. This is such a huge deal since I was known all through school and college as "Michelle, the Bookworm". I was always the girl getting the cheesy trophy at the awards ceremony at the end of the year. . .the one with an open book in bronze and the plaque that read, 100 Books Read in One Year. What a geek, I know. It makes the fact that I've read ONE book in 2.5 years even more of a sad truth. Actually, let's be real honest. I've read 1.3 billion kids books in the last few years. I've only read ONE that wasn't printed on thick cardboard and have furry, pop-up pictures attached. Since you're dying to know, the only book I've read as of late was "Heaven Is For Real" by Todd Burpo (excellent!). Since the dawn of the 7-11 Project (okay, slightly before), I began this new book:

I am only halfway through it, but I am LOVING it. I know it's been somewhat of a "controversial" book, so to speak. I look at it from a fictional standpoint. It has done a lot in expanding my spiritual mind on who God truly is to me. Although I can't quite scratch this off the bucket list just yet, I highly recommend giving it a chance. For anyone who would like to borrow it, I can assure you I'll be done with it by Wednesday. :)

4. Memorize 11 new scripture verses.

Let me begin by telling you this. This goal is in no way imposing, or suggesting to my friends that unless you memorize every chapter in Proverbs, you are a poor excuse for a Christian human being. You will not go to hell, you will not have 7 years bad luck in love, and your head will not spontaneously combust. Scripture memory has been something that I've been personally convicted about accomplishing for myself and to help pass on wise counsel to my kiddos. I do believe that it can be a help in many other situations for anyone, and recommend it, but I'm not going to drag you into the streets for a public flogging if you happen to disagree with me. :) With that said, I have really tried to pick out 11 scriptures that I think would be beneficial for me to remember on a individual basis. The one I am committing to this week is Psalm 46:10--"Be still and know that I am God." Before you roll your eyes at the simplicity (and length) of my first verse, be aware. . .if you know ME at all, and my personality, you will agree that nothing about Michelle is ever, EVER STILL. Especially my mouth (so my husband says). Not only am I wanting to memorize this verse, I'm wanting to get it. Really GET IT. As a woman who is a natural-born busybody; as a mom who feels the constant need to over-achieve; as a writer who consistently feels the pressure to say something life-changing or awe-inspiring. . .I am never just still, patiently waiting for God's will and His words. This is a daily battle. One that hopefully, with prayer and Psalm 46:10's help, will really take hold in me.

On an even BIGGER note, can I brag on my son for a minute?! (If not, please discontinue reading. This will only take a second.) After church this Sunday, my adorable (yet usually Grouchy) 4-year-old greeted me after his class with a proud grin. "I learned a bible verse, Mommy! Wanna hear it??" Are you kidding me?! "Of course!!" He proceeds with this:

I'm slowly, but surely learning this one truth about life: Just when you think you've become the teacher. . .God reminds you that you are never too old or too smart to be taught.


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  1. The Shack is a killer book! I didn't grow up with a close family, and being adopted didn't help. That book gave me some new ideas that I could experience that "family", and "closeness" with the Holy Spirit. I love it when God gives me new ideas, especially when they crush my own! ;)