Raising Kids Abroad

The only people who will be able to tell you the mess and joy and adventure and chaos of raising kids abroad, are others who have/are doing it too. We scoured the internet for how to "do it right" before we made the leap. Is it healthy for them? Will they thrive or falter in this atmosphere? Am I being selfish by taking them from all that is familiar? From the comforts of Western world conveniences? Will this be an adventure or a disaster for my family? All these are questions and concerns that we rattled through our brains for months before making the decision to move to a foreign country with our two very American kids. And I would say, from the other side of the fence. . .It ALL depends. Location, commitment, intentions, and restrictions all come into play in whether or not raising kids abroad is right for your family. We've been living in Nicaragua for 11 months now and it seems to be a fit for us. In fact, we don't see ourselves moving back anytime soon. But getting into this mindset took quite the emotional process. I think all new exciting journeys will come with their mountains and valleys. Things have not always been easy for us along the way, but we are firm believers in the idea that life is a journey and not necessarily a destination. Our families, our children, our marriages are ever-evolving. We are constantly growing and changing and becoming who God wants us to be. All these life experiences build one on top of the other and become the foundation on which we discover ourselves and our destiny in life. I've tried to compile some "life lessons" we've learned along the way to share with you. How I wished I had more resources and first-hand experiences from real-life people when we were soul-searching. All sorts of things, from preparing your family for the move to the questions about educating abroad to heath concerns in a third-world country to settling into a second language. There are so many facets to this amazing journey. These are my thoughts and how our little family made our way. We send you and yours blessings and travel mercies and well-wishes for a truly awesome experience of raising your families abroad as well. :)

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