Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Redeeming The Time: TAKE A TOUR

Wherever you are, no matter how long you have lived in a location, there are always things that you've never done. We've lived in Nicaragua for one full year this month and have yet to see most of it. This week, we were honored to house/dog sit for some friends of ours who were going out of town on vacation. They live an hour away in the colonial city of Granada. We loaded up our stuff and set out to spend a relaxing weekend around their awesome pool. It was a fantastic "stay-cation" for us, as most of the weekend we just stayed at the house, cooking all meals and swimming a ton. We realized, however, that we had been to Granada numerous times and had never seen "the sights". We decided to "take a tour" as a family on Saturday and do something that we had never done. We spent the morning touring the isletas (tiny islands) off the coast of Lake Nicaragua. Many have historical sights on them, mansions, restaurants, as well as monkeys! We took a long speedboat out on a 3-hour ride through the island coves, pointing out birds and fish and other wildlife. It was such a great thing to do some exploration as a family.

It hit me that as families in general, we do not do this enough. It doesn't matter our geography, there is always room for exploration. Whether it's a random walk around the lake, a hike up a hill, a boat ride, or exploring a historical site in your area, we MUST find time to see and experience new things as a family unit. Times like these create memories for our little ones and encourage the idea of pursuing new things. We want our children to grow up with a desire for adventure. We need to show them that adventure awaits around every corner! Take a tour today! Look online for things in your area that you can explore and experience for the very first time. And when you've found it, share in the excitement and enthusiasm of making a memory with your kids. Hold hands, laugh, and share in a first together. These are the moments that matter!

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