Thursday, May 8, 2014

Learning With BananaGrams

My four-year-old is still getting the hang of his letters. We are practicing with tracing and writing them, and even seeing how many we can find on signs as we drive down the road. He's loving "alphabet activities" lately. During homeschool this week, we decided to build an Alphabet Match-up Game with BananaGrams. Just write the letters of the alphabet on a small card or piece of paper, and let your little get to digging out random letters and matching them up on the paper. This actually kept him busy for about 30 minutes, as he got done with it, dumped it out, and wanted to do it again. Fun little activity that could also be done using the letters from a scrabble game. Or heck, use construction paper and make your own little letters! Anything we can do to help our kiddos learn their letters by sight!

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