Our Story

Meet the Clarks!!  We like to joke that we never thought we were “missionary material!” Content with suburbia, we’ve been settled “where the wind comes sweeping down the plains” for our entire lives. Bryan, former senior graphic designer for Lifechurch.tv and seasoned worship leader, has devoted the last 11 years to perfecting his graphic design and media career. Michelle spends most of her time child-wrangling by day and writing a parenting humor blog by night. Noah and Micah complete our little family of four by bringing the constant comic relief and entertainment. We’ve been busy with the business of life, until God got ahold of us about a year ago and changed our whole perspective.
Some people say that you can never really know a person until you know where they’ve been. Everyone has a story. A past. Our family is about to embark on an amazing adventure with God in Nicaragua, but exactly one year ago, we were on another journey. This journey was MUCH different. You see, a year ago, we were a broken home. Sins of infidelity ripped through our little family and left our marriage and our future in ruins. We didn’t know how we would ever recover. Luckily, God is in the business of restoration!
We’ve come to understand that He Is faithful even when we are not. God was and still isn’t done writing our story.  We are living proof of God’s power to give NEW LIFE to that which was once dead. We feel everyday that we are a living, breathing miracle. The following is our family’s journey from a pit of despair into a place of redemption. It’s our hope that our story – our struggles, mistakes, lessons, and victories – can bring encouragement and inspiration to other people.

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