Friday, September 16, 2011

Banana Pants BLOG Coming Soon!

First Post--Coming SEPT. 21st!!

After many urgings from family and friends to "write a book already!", I decided to compromise and start a Blog about the overall hilarity that surrounds my everyday life. Much of my musings stem from raising toddler boys who think they are rockstars; a husband who dabbles in music, art, and all things geeky; my procrastinative endevours to write for a living; and the ongoing hilarious situations that I seem to get myself into with little or no effort of my own. I hope you will join me...... If for nothing more than to laugh with me rather than at me. Lord knows I do enough laughing at myself. God's humor, along with my own is what gets me through each day. :-D

Join me next week as we embark on this crazy ride together! (As Sept. 21st also happens to be my birthday, so I expect some slight recognition for my contributions to the world at least on that day. Please and thank you.)



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