Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pet Peeves, Please?

First off, let me just note that apparently, blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY is way too much for me. I'm cutting myself some slack because I am trying to keep a clean house, apply for passports, plan, organize, and execute a HUGE benefit garage sale in a week, AND go through EVERYTHING I own to sell it to move to Nicaragua in exactly 60 days. . . .(and that's just the short To-Do List). Bare with me because my intentions for this month-long blogging stint were good. But God doesn't agree that I need more hours in my days, so we'll work this thing in where we can. :)

Onto "Pet Peeves". (As I am praying that yours don't include people who say they will do something and then don't follow through promptly. . .)

I decided to do this a little different. So much of the time, we focus our pet peeves around things that others do that drive us bat shiz crazy. I'm finding as my perspective on life is changing immensely lately, that the annoyances and flaws of others are falling slightly to the wayside as I notice more and more things about MYSELF that drive me bonkers. So this edition of "Pet Peeves" is all about ME, people! All the things about myself that I wish I could undo. These are the things that I do consistently that I'm SURE frustrate the heck outta other people. I know I'm someone else's walking "pet peeve"!

PUNCTUALITY: It's on almost every list of pet peeves of others. I have to admit that I struggle with being on time. To EVERYTHING. It never fails. I tend to dawdle, as my husband says. He usually doesn't know what in the world he's talking about, but in this instance, he's got a point. If ever you invite me to something, please know in advance that you will have to tell me to be there 15 minutes before you actually want me there. Just to be safe.

TALKING WITHOUT FILTER: This is the story of my life. I'm sure you've all noticed by now my inability to withhold personal information from the masses. I'm an open book. Inevitably, I say things without thinking. I tend to not get embarrassed easily. Others, that share a life with me and my antics, usually take the brunt of the retribution when it comes to my "lack of filter". I will apologize in advance if I ever say anything to offend, embarrass, annoy, or frustrate anyone. My big mouth gets me in more trouble than it's worth.

CELL PHONE STAGE FRIGHT: Let me tell you a little something that I do on the regular. I freak out when my phone rings. I'm an extrovert, mind you. I am energized by talking to others. But when my cell phone rings spontaneously, I get a little nervous. Maybe because most people communicate primarily online nowadays, with social media what it is. Or texting. It's so non-evasive. When I get a phone call, immediately I conclude that the person needs a "voice", so it must be serious. And let's all face it, I'm not good at "serious". I've been known for sending peeps to voicemail, simply because I want them to leave me a message as to why they are calling so that I can emotionally prepare before I call them back. Frustrating, eh? I'm completely aware that this is something that I should just get over, but it's something I do.

FINGERNAILS FROM HELL: This one shall bother my cousin, Jaci (of THIS amazing blog!) the most. She loves nail polish and beautiful nails. I do too, but I do not possess them. I used to get them done regularly as I was working full time and had the extra moolah. Once I started staying home with the munchkins, that's one luxury I could no longer afford. My nails have been through the ringer. I have forever been a "biter". I bite nails, I bite cuticles, I bite skin around my nails. As I type this out, I fear I am part-Cannibal. Eeeeek. This habit has bothered me for decades, as I'm pretty sure I bit my first nails off in the womb. I've never had gorgeous nails that were not acrylic. Call it a nervous tendency, I've always hated this about myself.

ABSURDLY OBLIVIOUS HOUSEWIFE: I'm really not sure I will ever grow out of this. It bothers me more than just about anything else that I do or am. I am a TERRIBLE housewife. Seriously. I stay home all day with the kids and truly love blogging, counseling, fundraising for our upcoming mission trip, etc, but I HATE CLEANING. And not because of the cleaning, but because I am honestly oblivious to it. Or at least unbothered by uncleanliness. Dishes in the sink, Tupperware in the fridge that's been growing mold for 6 months, enough dog hair collecting in the corners to put together a whole scarf, decomposing tator tots in the floorboard of the Jeep. . . .totally blind to it all. I just don't see it! I know you're shaking your head thinking, what is this chick's problem? She must be "dirty", by nature. I promise I'm hygienic! I brush and shower and floss! But the day to day dirt and grime of keeping house just escapes me. I need someone to come around beside me and point these things out. Is there such a thing as a "housewife's assistant"??

These are just a few. I promise I could leave you with about 607 more peeves that I have with myself. I'm a work-in-progress. God is not through molding me into something that looks like a normal functioning adult. :)  I struggle, but we all do.

What about you?? What are some "pet peeves" about YOURSELF that drive you bananas??

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  1. I think my first and foremost pet peeve about myself is my lack of skills in decorating my house. I have an art degree, but somehow, I just can't put the stuff together in my own home. Thank goodness for pinterest! Lol
    I finally posted my Day in the life of by the way! You'll notice my plain jane walls in a few of the shots.