Friday, May 3, 2013

Come Abroad With Us!

I have been so overwhelmed at all the support and encouragement that all of you have shown me since I announced our BIG decision. Moving to a third-world country to do mission work full-time is something I've always dreamed of doing and God has made a way for us to do it as a whole family. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about (shame on you for not keeping up with every little thing in my life! LOL), check out our whole story HERE (MOVING TO NICARAGUA!).

With that decision has come many challenges. Aside from selling EVERYTHING we own, we have found ourselves knee-deep in the journey of fundraising. Let me just tell you, this process is NO FUN. I do not like asking for money. I do not like being pressured to give myself, but we've been thrown into this lifestyle because it's been clear to us that God wants to allow as many people to get involved in this mission as want to. So many perfect strangers have stepped up and made donations! God has blessed our family and friends in so many ways and allowed many of them to make generous contributions that have made this adventure possible. We've had people donate FREE housing in Nica (yes, you heard that right. . .FREE housing!), as well as gifts of a free vehicle, money for us to pay for passports, donations of clothes from so many people, and miracles continue to abound every single day. We are FLOORED at the way God can use people to accomplish what one small family could never do on our own. He's truly revealed His power to us through so many in our lives.

We are on the countdown now. Only 28 more days and we will be hopping on an international flight with our two little monsters and making the journey to our new life in Nicaragua. This part is scary-exciting for us. This first leg will be 7 months long and we will be returning to the States in December to recoup and spend the holidays with family. In the meantime, we will be living on the generous donations of so many who believe in what we will be doing in Nicaragua. The scary part is that we have not yet reached our goal of $16K that this first 7 months will cost us. Essentially, we are hopping on that flight on May 31st with not enough funding to last us until we come home. Crazy, right?! That's what we're thinking more and more as the time ticks away and we begin packing. We are trying to trust that "God's got this," but as you can imagine, it's nerveracking!!

Send us all the prayers, positive energy, written encouragement, good karma you can possibly muster. We believe in the POWER of prayer. Tell your churches, tell your book clubs, tell your friends and family what we will be doing in Nica and pray that God reveals himself HUGE in this time. In the way of health, safety, wisdom, and finances. 

If you want to make a donation, we would love you forever! Seriously, it would mean the world to us if you can contribute financially. The link to do that is RIGHT HERE (at our mission website: Abroad Perspective).  Another way that you can give is by picking up one of these awesome "Support Nica Tees" for $15. You can find the "Buy Now" link in the sidebar of this blog! Or you can click the link below: 

All of the proceeds from T-shirt sales will go towards the first leg of our mission! We would love for you all to have one! We will be sporting ours on a weekly basis down in Nicaragua! 

Another way that you can help is to come visit us! Yes, I'm 100% serious! We will be living in a four-bedroom home that is perfect to accommodate small teams of people to do short-term missions as well as families who wish to come down and spend some time with us side-by-side feeding and loving on the people of Rivas. This would be a wonderful opportunity to teach your children first-hand what missions is all about. It's something that the whole family can be involved in! Not to mention, we are only 20 minutes from the beach! We would love to host your family, small group, youth group, or church group for a week or two while we are there. Please pray about coming to Nicaragua! For more information, feel free to email me directly at  

As always, I will be recording the fantastic world of motherhood right here at Miss Banana Pants even while abroad. Between now and the time we get settled, be ready for some awesome "guest bloggers" who will be sharing their experiences with you all while we are packing and organizing and traveling and settling. (And generally pulling our hair out too, I imagine!) Pieces of our adventures will pop up occassionally, and I will resume a normal blogging schedule in July. 

Thanks to all of you who continuously encourage our little Banana Pants Fam! You are truly a blessing!


  1. Michelle and Bryan,
    I pray that as you tie things up here and make your move that it comes together for you and that the stress will not be high. May you be blessed.

  2. I'm not sure why I'm just now reading this. Anyway, it's a funny thing that your last note was to "come." I just told Joshua the other day that I will be taking Benjamin to Nicaragua sometime in the next year. I'm using you to help us teach our son gratitude for what he has and where he lives.