Monday, February 20, 2012

He's Not Tired of Me Yet

In honor of our 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY tomorrow (still time to go buy me a gift, babe!), I wanted to dedicate this post to the top 50 things that I love about the man who got tricked into spending the rest of his life with me. (insert evil laugh here.)  I say "tricked".  And it sounds funny. . .but if you only knew the whole story. Since you couldn't care less and are just flattering me by reading this post, I won't bore you with ALL the details.  I will just say that at some point, about 12 years ago, I stole this poor man's fish, left a ransom note, and forced him to meet me for dinner in order to get his fish back.  Next proceeded lots of stalking and waiting for this man to realize that I was the best thing since sliced bread before he asked me to marry him. The rest is history. After more than a decade of laughs, struggles, 2 screaming toddlers, and unending life compromises, I can say without hesitation that I wouldn't trade him for the world.  There are so many crazy reasons why I love BC. . .just for YOU, I will "count thy ways". . .

1. He's super sexy in a beanie
2. He's the most creative guy I know
3. He loves his work
4. He's Spontaneous and adventurous
5. He doesn't wear tightie whities
6. He loves Grandy's, root beer, and sour cream &onion chips
7. He's as big of a goof as I am
8. He only goes to Chili's cause he knows how much I love it
9. He likes Phineas and Ferb (more than my toddlers)
10. He thinks I'm funny sometime
11. His BO smells fabulous (I'm being totally serious)
12. When it's his birthday, I get to shop in the toy dept
13. He tells me before he's going to fart (how thoughtful, right?)
14. He's pretty hilarious, most of the time
15. He wants me to write as much as I want to write, sometimes more
16. I share lots of childish inside jokes with him
17. He introduced me to U2, and I will never be the same
18. Sometimes he shaves his chest for me
19. Watching him onstage turns me on
20. He tolerates my love of reality tv sitcoms
21. He appreciates my small boobs....well, all boobs really
22. He loves our boys recklessly
23. He thinks my ability to find his stuff around the house is a superpower
24. His booty is pretty adorable.
25. He has this mischievous half-smile that makes me melt. ;)
26. He draws hippos
27. He shares my love for all things fast food
28. Traveling makes both of us happier people
29. He's a country boy at heart
30. He's one of the most humble people I know
31. He doesn't get too annoyed that I stop at green lights
32. He knows how to do the dishes. He doesn't do them, but he knows how.
33. We can have some really amazing conversations about God.
34. I love that he wants to write an animation. Someday. About something.
35. His favorite kind of cake is not something I'm required to bake.
36. I love that he gets as excited as the boys about the happy meal toys
37. We both can have a blast for hours at a Barnes & Noble
38. Although he thinks I'm juvenile for liking the Olsen twins, bought me thier poster
39. When I watch him lead worship, it brings me closer to God too
40. Standing next to him always makes me look tan
41. He thinks I'm sexiest in holely jeans and a hoodie
42. Making him happy requires only a box of MacNCheese & a movie night
43. He has no shame in air-hump-dancing with me in front of the kids
44. When I set off the smoke alarms, he assures me it's not my cooking
45. He is a never-ending, bottomless pit of useless facts
46. He has the most romantic Union Station, KC
47. I love that he's quick to admit he's wrong. Which is not often. Unfortunately.
48. His nap schedule works perfectly with the kid's.
49. My worst day is made perfect with these 3 words, "I Lvoe Yuo".
50. He promises that he's not tired of me yet. ;)

Happy Anniversary Babe!


  1. aww!! These made me laugh. 43 and 45 sound like my hubby.

  2. I just love you guys :) Happy Anniversary!