Friday, February 24, 2012

What I Adore About Little Boys

Worms, spiders and mud are to be cherished. Before I had boys, I either overlooked or loathed many of nature’s simple wonders. Now I know that worms can dance. I see beauty in the symmetry of a spider web (which is a good thing given the sheer quantity around our house). And I’ve seen that a shovel and a little dirt can provide hours of (wonderfully messy) entertainment.

When all else fails, play ball. There isn’t a day cold enough to keep us off the “field”. Not only do we have fun, we get all kinds of exercise, fresh air and even develop a skill or two along the way.

Before you know it, the sweetest hug can have you flat on your back. These boys do everything with gusto and it’s hard not to get caught up in (or flattened by) their enthusiasm.

If you can dream it, you can build it. From Legos to trains to forts to diaper boxes turned dump trucks, these boys love to create. Watching their imaginations come to life—literally—right in front of me, always leaves me in awe.

Each day provides an opportunity to take a leap. Ok, these days that leap is off a bed, coffee table or play structure. But I love watching them fly into the air without a care in the world. Sure, my heart drops a bit when I realize the risk they’re taking, but as the wind blows through their unruly hair and their faces light up, I can’t help but hope this fearlessness is something they carry with them through life.

Everybody loves a good laugh. Sure, I’m big on manners, but I’m also big on having fun. So each meal our table becomes the stage for our boys to tell silly stories and make the family giggle.

A noisy house is a sign of happiness. My boys are loud. Really loud. It’s just the way they talk, play, laugh, sleep…you name it. Sure there are days it makes me crazy, but most days I cherish their zest for life.

Physical confidence is a gift. It seems my boys were born to throw a ball, glide on a scooter and climb mountains (well, furniture, at least). Their awareness of their bodies and pure strength is a quality I really admire.

Spotting a fire engine calls for celebration. Same goes for a construction truck, a bus, a fuel tanker—or any other vehicle with more than four wheels. It’s not just the little things, it’s the really big ones, that can turn a good day into a great one.

There’s nothing wrong with a mama’s boy. While my boys adore their dad and would choose him 9 times out of 10 when it comes to the fun stuff, I’m the one they turn to for comfort and cuddles.

What about you? Are there things you love about being a parent to boys? Or girls?


  1. After becoming a mom of 3 boys, I think I'm a lot more energetic than what I used to be. They keep me running around all day and I'm thankful for the forced exercise :) Awesome post!

  2. Thanks Mercy! They definitely can take it all out of ya! Thanks for the comments!

  3. Well I can say I don't know what I have missed. I enjoy all the things that boys can get into (being one myself, most of my church think I'm the biggest kid they know!), but I live in a see of estrogen. My two girls are 13, and I am starting to fear boys just a little.....HA! Looks like you have your hands full. I have enjoyed your posts.