Friday, February 10, 2012

My Mom's Got a Big Booty--By Mr. Grouchy Pants

Everytime my mom turns around I get an eyeful of this.

Before you get yourself all in a tizzy over this post’s title. Note this: I calls ‘em like I see ‘em. And what I sees is a mom who sports a ginormous backside. To be fair I’m only three feet tall, so everything looks big to me. Also, because of my height, her bum consistently hits me at eye-level, obstructing my view. It’s like trying to crane your neck around a mountain.

Take last week for example. My mom was blocking my way in a clothing aisle at Target, (I was attempting to strategically hide in some Merona sweaters) so I yelled to her, “Move your big booty!” I thought it was a fairly straightforward (and hilarious!) way to communicate that she should, well, move her big behind. I was just trying to be accurate–you’d think she’d be impressed by my clarity. Think again. Jeeze, she got pissed. Touch-y.

What’s the, ahem, BIG deal? Compared to me or any of my friends, bears, or action figures; or any of my mom’s childless friends; her bum is freakin’ huge. It’s all relative (and by relative I mean she obviously inherited my grandma’s double-wide hips.)

I’m guessing her reaction that day at Target might have something to do with how whiny she gets when she claims she can’t fit into any of her pants, shirts, skirts, tanktops, coats, t-shirts, culottes, underwear, sweaters, shorts, skorts, or shoes the way she used to ‘back in the day’ — which I’m assuming was sometime in the early 1920′s.

Heck, I’m pretty sure she blames me for her body falling apart — not directly but I get the hint. I will cop to, for a time, (roughly 9 months), taking up residence in her belly. But when I vacated I left the place exactly as I found it. I even got (most) of my security deposit back.

So zip it sister…oh that’s right, you can’t.

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  1. Love it! And OMG culottes! That made me giggle. I wonder what happened to all of my culottes? There is NO way I could fit in them.