Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Pinteresting. . .

I know we've all fallen prey to this new website.  It's one of those perpetual "time-sucks" that exhaust ALL of our free time. . .time we should be spending with our family, completing housework, or tackling mountains of laundry.  But in all of our defenses, it DOES qualify as "Family Investment Research"!  There are soooo many awesome ideas as to how to connect with your kids or your signifigant other, new and exciting things to spruce up our dinnertimes, and cheap and easy ways to improve our home space in DIY heaven.  Pinterest should be seen as Life Investment Time. . . .Ha!  Enough with the excuses!  We are addicted and it's OKAY!  This new Thursday series is to satisfy your weekly "fix". Let's take a peek at some of the jewels I found this week that are just TOO AWESOME not to share:
I don't know about your kids, but mine would rather play with rocks and sticks and cardboard boxes rather than all the toys we've spent our hard-earned money on.  We plan to take advantage of this little fetish of theirs this summer and do Rock Crafts! This website gives all the materials and ideas needed to make this a fun time.  Search for random rocks around the neighborhood and make them into animals, artwork, or in our case, superheroes. When do my boys not turn things into superheroes?!
Are your kiddos obsessed with this phenomenon yet? ANGRY BIRDS!  Mr. Grouchy Pants, I'm embarrassed to admit, has been known to spend hours on his IPod propelling birds through the air. This website is where I found a way to take that obsession outside. Gather up some cardboard boxes, paint a bunch of balls, and construct a homemade slingshot and let them go to town in your backyard. Such a creative idea!
How I love crafts that don't require me to sew anything! This is such a wonderful idea for Spring!  A wreath made completely out of cupcake liners! This website shows the whole process!  It's even something that I could do with the dynamic duo, although all the pink might do them in. :) 
Maybe I'm a little overambitious, but I plan on doing this in my boys room.  This link is to an etsy shop where you can purchase these creative bins for $120 a pop. Although they are adorable, I'm thinking I should try to do-it-myself before I fork out the moolah.  I'll let you know how it goes!
This is a hilarious snack that we will be trying soon. Here's the website for the "how-to", but it couldn't be easier with just some apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmellows. The kids will get a kick out of making them with me, I'm sure!  Anything to re-vamp snack time from the normal cheeto puffs and banana!
For the Easter holiday. . .as if my boys didn't already have enough objects to hurl at each other's heads, these Fruity Pebble-Filled Easter Eggs are such a fantastic idea!  This website has all the directions.  This is perfect for an Easter party, or in our case, perfect for when we get together with the cousins.  The parents will be digging fruity pebbles out of the hair for weeks, but the kiddos will have a blast cracking them over each other's heads all day!

Although I could continue this "Pinterest Fest" forever, I will leave you with those fun tidbits for now.  Tune in next week for some more lovely ideas as to how I intend to continue to make my life more Pinteresting. :)  Happy Thursday, ya'll!

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