Monday, July 23, 2012

I Cry at the Sight of Tighty Whities

As a parent, it’s not only exhilarating but also necessary for survival to get away from your kids every now and then.  Cause let’s face it, as cute and as sweet as they are, they can be a giant pain in the hind quarters.  Am I right, or am I right?  However, as much as I enjoy escaping them, I somehow find myself missing the little devils not too long after I’m gone.  (Pathetic, I know.)

Take, for example, this past weekend when my husband gifted me with an afternoon away to myself.  I was beyond ready for some adult alone time since I’d refereed more than enough sibling wrestling matches and driven my car to the farthest ends of the earth between one activity or another for the last week.  So I packed up my stuff, actually put on make-up and something other than my comfy pjs, and headed out to the mall to enjoy some retail therapy.
The day was fabulous! I bought some "non-mom" outfits for the upcoming vacation to the beach, did a bit of reading in a plush chair at the bookstore, sipping a caramel macchiatto in complete peace, and actually knocked out some long-overdue blogging. All was rejuvenated, refreshed, and right in my world. So right that I actually thought twice about going home and instead contemplated heading for the border.  Have we talked about how much I want to hang up my mommy-hat and lounge in Thailand for a looooong while?? I thought so. . .(see My Glorious Mommy Meltdown HERE.)
Funny enough, though, as I was digging through my purse at the Barnes and Noble counter to find my wallet, a single pint-sized tighty whitie tumbled out onto the floor.  I immediately recognized it as my son’s, and I felt a little pang in my heart.  Here I was so anxious to get the heck out of dodge, and I turn to butter at the sight of one measly little Hanes.  WTH?!  But, you see, that’s what happens when you love someone more than anything in this world.  And when you’re a mom, you always carry around a little piece of them whether you realize it or not….


  1. that is awesome!! great post...hope your doing well. Keep writing my friend, your seriously gifted.

    1. Thank you Chris! Your words of encouragement mean more than you know!