Monday, October 3, 2011

7-11 Project: From Lazy Bum to SuperMom. . .It's A Process, People!

Can I just say that I am improving.  I'm not as much of a lazy bum as I was two weeks ago, but yet not nearly as much of a SuperMom as I see potential to be.  I am a work in progress.  I also had a boatload of fun this week.  I'm culturing myself, stepping out of my comfort zone with some of these projects, and learning the power of the snowball effect.  As soon as I finish one task, I am more motivated to take on another. (Except the running thing. I'm still not pleased as punch to put on my running shoes and break a sweat, but I digress.)  Thanks for all of your encouragement along the way!  I know some of my aspirations on this list seem a tad silly, but I am learning a lot about myself and my family through each one.  I appreciate the "kicks in the pants" too! LOL. What are friends good for if not for telling you to get off your booty and start living life to the fullest. . .even if that entails a house project or two. :)  Let's review my successes for the week, shall we?

1.  Do/visit/try 11 new things or places.

We made a trip to the midtown plaza district one afternoon and decided to try out Kaiser's. Mainly because of their world-renown homemade ice cream, but under the pretenses that it was, indeed lunchtime.  Their burgers, most of which are made with buffalo meat (What?!) were really good. But the Chocolate Nirvana Sundae that we split afterwards was pure heaven in a bowl.  I'd highly recommend you making the trip. Immediately.  No need to pass go or collect $200.  They are very affordable.

 Another new first for me was eating lunch from a street vendor. Big Truck Tacos was parked right in front of my mom's office building in downtown OKC one afternoon.  We decided to stroll over that way and ended up with a handful of tacos, chips, and guacamole.  It was FABULOUS.  Who would have thought a big, clumsy van with a bunch of young guys would be able to whip up such Mexican deliciousness on the go like that, but it's obviously possible.  They have a facebook page that sends out status updates about their whereabouts within the city daily.  Check them out!  I'm so glad I did!

2.  Run 11 miles every week.

Well. . .I can't say I've done that, but I should at least get credit for trying.  I did wake up one morning and take off for Lake Hefner.  I had not ran outside (as most of my work-outs have been at the local Y as of late) in a significantly long time.  It's amazing to me how much harder it is to run outside than it is to run on a treadmill.  I felt like such a wimp!  Normally I can sprint like a superstar for the entire length of Brittany Spear's "Womanizer" in my ipod, but I made it halfway through the first chorus and thought my lungs were going to explode!  And don't get me started on the way that I felt the following day.  There wasn't a singe ligament and tendon in my entire body that didn't feel like I hadn't run a marathon.  How long had I ran that morning, you ask?  A grueling 3 miles. I know. . .I'm a rockstar.
Overall, for the week though, I got in 9 miles.  But the rest of the six I did in the comfort and air-conditioning of the YMCA.  Don't judge. ;)

3.  Do 11 new activities with the kids.

Hooray for edible activities!  Who wouldn't rather engage in arts and crafts when food is involved?  My boys live from snack-to-snack so these "Edible Necklaces" were right up their alley.
There are not many supplies needed, just a bit of an appetite and creativity.  We personally sat down with some cheezits, Lucky Charms cereal, Fruit Loops, and marshmellows.  Any kind of string, floss, yarn will work for the necklace. This is such an easy activity to do with toddlers, because they can snack as they go and there is no wrong way to do it.  Just string up your favorite treats for munching on the go! Tie the ends and the kiddos are ready to take their favorite snacks "on the road".  We will be doing this a lot more frequently for road trips and afternoons at the zoo. :)

The second activity that we dabbled in this week was "Pumpkin Painting"!  In my attempts to properly welcome the Fall season and celebrate the beginning of my all-time favorite holiday, we decided to try our hands (or fingers rather) in a bit of art.  The supplies we used are super simple: washable finger paints, pumpkins, and brushes. (and if you're smart and think ahead. . .add one million baby wipes to the list.  Man, did we go through them in the clean-up process!)  Everything you need is below:
 The kids had a blast painting faces on the pumpkins and getting all of the different colors of finger paints EVERYWHERE.  I learned that it didn't matter what we painted, as long as they could get it all over the place, they were happy campers.  So we started out painting the pumpkins, and then moved on to painting Namaw's table, lounge chairs, their own faces, even a bit here and there on Sissy's dogs that had to be included in the festivities.  It was a wonderful thing that I invested in the "washable" finger paints.  With just a little dab of water, the paints washed off of all surfaces (and fur).  It was a wonderfully messy time.

4.  Read 11 new books.

After completing The Shack by WM Paul Young, I decided on more of a "self-help" (guilty pleasure) genre.  One of my favorite authors and speakers is Beth Moore.  She had published Looking Up, When Life is Looking Down.  It was fantastic and very refreshing.  I've been in a place lately where I have been encountering many stumbling blocks in my spiritual life.  This book was jam-packed FULL of biblical insight and wisdom on how to look to the future by digging out of the deep pits in life that we get ourselves into.  This book definitely spurred motivation and emotions in me that I had buried for awhile.  I would recommend it as an easy read for those that need that sweet bit of inspiration in their spiritual walk.

5. Knock out 11 house projects.

This task has to be the one that I am looking forward to the least.  All of the house projects that I've needed to tackle for some time I look at and realize that I would much rather watch paint dry than muster up the motivation to accomplish them.  There is a reason that I have been putting them off for so long.  The idea of cleaning out the garage or organizing the linen cabinet or going through my closet seems so overwhelming that I become slightly exhausted just thinking about them.  The only one that I could happily check off the list happens to be the one that I accomplished this week, due solely to the fact that it was more creative and of decorative nature that that of the other chores.  So without further ado, behold my new porch: 

I'm still lacking a bale of hay and a door mat that plays "haunting" music when stepped on.  But it looks a lot better than before. We're ready for October! Yay!

6. Memorize 11 new bible verses

So this week, I've been working on memorizing a few verses.  But one, I feel has special significance to the place I am at currently.  Colossians 3:23-24 states, "Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as if working for the Lord and not for man, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.  For ultimately, it is the Lord whom you are serving."  This verse has real relevance to me lately because I have been without a job (other than wife and mom) since the middle of the summer.  It's been a difficult transition emotionally and mentally.  Physically, it's been fabulous as I've come to ADORE my afternoon naps and staying in my PJ's all day! But as I have Stinker at home with me full-time now while Grouch is at preschool, the day-to-day can get pretty monotonous sometimes.  I have to remind myself that Colossians 3 is not just referring to the secular jobs, such as leasing agent, customer service rep, or cashier, but it is also talking about working at "being a mom" as if for the Lord.  Sometimes, being a wife and mother and maid and playmate and laundromat and cook can be more exhausting and unfulfilling than any other job outside the home.  And to be perfectly honest, it can be one of the most unrewarding on a daily basis.  There's no paycheck, no one there to tell me that I've done an amazing job, and the only person I have to vent to about the workload is under 2 feet tall. I'm having to remind myself daily that God calls everyone to certain vocations at certain times for certain reasons.  And currently, my calling is to be SuperMom. I'm blessed to have this job.  I need to remind myself of that everyday.  So this week, I can promise you, as I'm replaying my memory verses in my head, I will be serving my kids as though I'm serving the Lord Himself.  I will also be looking for a pink satin cape with the letter "S" on it next to a photo of a diaper.  If I'm going to be SuperMom, I guess it's time to get out of the PJ's and into the costume. :)  Wish me luck!


  1. Keep up with the running! You get to a point where you "find your zone", and you could just run forever, and you don't want to stop. It's called "the runners high". I can actually vouch for it.You've known me long enough that you could guess that I hate running and love being high. I actually like the run now, and the runners high is just the bonus. Keep it up. You'll get addicted! Tonight I ran forever and stop every now and then doing pushups on the ground. I did 100 pushups on my run. Best part about it- I probably burned like 800 calories! Sexy time!!!!!

  2. I'm still waiting to find that runner's high too...I keep hearing it's out there, but I think it's really just some elaborate conspiracy to make us all buy expensive running gear.

    I think your porch looks awesome. I'd love to get some nice fall decorations but I think budgetary issues will make me have to skip fall and go straight to Christmas, but that's okay.