Friday, October 28, 2011

Last-Minute Homemade Halloween Costumes!

 For the procrastinator parents out there, here are some of the CUTEST, last-minute, homemade Halloween costumes that I've found online this week.  I thought I would compile them to share with you, since trick-or-treating is now mere days away!  All of these costumes are made with items that one might find lying around the house already.  Most are also costumes that you and your little goblin could have a blast creating together!  Enjoy!!

Baby Moose, Adorable Jester, Handsome Clark Kent,
and a Precious Ladybug!
 Baby Moose
Find a plain brown or beige footed pajamas with matching cap.  Take a pair of white gloves and fill them with crumpled up newspapers.  Attach them to the cap/beanie for an adorable infant/toddler costume!

Adorable Jester
Find a number of multi-colored socks around the house and fill them with crumpled newspapers. Attach some to the top of a colorful cap/beanie and the others to the collar of the toddler's onesie or
 colorful T-shirt.  What an innovative idea!

Clark Kent
For those superheroes in your house, put a light jacket over a Superman shirt. Pair this with a random tie and a pair of grandma's reading glasses and you've got a perfect Clark Kent!

Dress your bug in all black (leggings, long-sleeve shirt).  Cut out a heart-shape from cardboard and cover with red fabric or t-shirt material.  Use a sharpie to pen on some polka dots to your wings.  Then top it off with an antenae made from a black headband and black pipe cleaners.

Gigantic Grapes, DICE, Tiny Turtle, Loose Lego!
Gigantic Grapes
Dress your toddler in either gray or green sweats.  Blow up as many purple balloons as you can get ahold of and attach them all over his sweats using safety pins.  Top it off with a thin tree branch or rope wraped around his neck and shoulders, attaching leaves to it.  This is such a unique and easy costume!

This costume is super easy to make!  Just find some cardboard boxes (the size of computer boxes is about the right size) and spray paint white.  Cut holes for the legs and arms. Attach big, black dots cut out of construction paper and attach to all sides. Dress your toddler in al black to make the costume stand out. Adorable idea for twins or children wanting to match friends!

Tiny Turtle
Dress your child in green sweats. Take a two turkey oven pans for the front and back of the turtle shells.  Spray paint them different shades of yellow, green, and brown and attach using small
 rope/yarn over the shoulders.

Loose Lego
Find a large cardboard box about half the size of your toddler.  Depending on what color of lego you decide to become, wear cordinating sweats underneath the costume. Roll up matching color construction paper to make the lego prongs on the outside of your costume.  Then spray paint the entire lego the designated color.  This is also an excellent costume for multiple children to do together!

Darling Dragon, Cuddly Dalmation Puppy,
Stinky Skunk, and Cute Conductor 
Darling Dragon
Your toddler can dress in warm, solid-colored footed pajamas in various shades of greens. Then take a number of square kitchen sponges and cut them in half to create triangles. Attach these sponges along the back of the child's pajamas. Attach some to each other at the bottom to create a dragon tail. 

Cuddly Dalmation Puppy
Cut out a TON of black polka dots from construction paper or black fabric from an old t-shirt. Attach the dots to either white sweats or white pajamas.  Use a shirt or sweater that has a hood in which to attach black ears to.  Painting a circle around one of the child's eye will complete the costume!

Stinky Skunk
Dress your infant/toddler in all black.  Use a black cap/beanie/hoodie to cover the head.  Then, attach a white, feather boa from the top of the cap all the way down the back of the costume using safety pins!

Cute Conductor
Dress  your little conductor in jean overalls with a red bandana around their neck.  Take two cardboard boxes and construction paper and and create your train engine from the photo above.  Use the construction paper to create the wheels.  Finally, use rope or thick ribbin to attach to child's shoulders. This costume is a bit more complex, but would make a fun craft for you and your toddler!

Silly Spider, Cheeky Clown, Giggly Ghost,
and Mr. Jelly Beans
Silly Spider
Another costume based around  comfortable black sweats. Find 2 pairs of long, black soccer-style socks and fill them with crumpled newspapers.  Straighten out a wire closet hanger and string it through the center of the black sock with the newspaper to keep them standing up, like spider legs.  Attach the four socks to the sides of your toddlers sweatshirt with safety pins.  Take red construction paper and cut a round shape to make up the body of the spider and attach it to your child's stomach. Give your little spider black gloves to top off the look!

Cheeky Clown
Find a solid-colored jumpsuit for your child to wear that may have a matching cap.  Take multi-colored, kitchen net sponges and attach them to the front of the jumpsuit like buttons.  Take a bunch more sponges and string them together to make a necklace to wear around her neck.  Lastly, attach three last sponges together and attach them to the top of the cap to make a really silly clown hat! 
This is such a fun costume!

Giggly Ghost
Take a king-size white pillowcase to use as the body of the your ghost. The open side should be use as the bottom for a dress-effect.  Cut a hole in the other end of the pillowcase to fit the child's head through. Sinch the ends together with black and white ribbon.  Attach the same ribbon to the bottom of the pillowcase dress. Then, using a black permanant marker, draw the eyes and the mouth of the ghost.  This is a fun costume and a cute outfit for pre-Halloween festivities as well!

Mr. Jelly Beans
Another costume built around balloons!  Blow up multi-colored balloons to act as jelly beans.  Take a clear trash sack and cut two leg holes in the bottom of it. Tie the end of it together at the child's neck after they have stepped into the bag and the balloons have been inserted on all sides of the child.  Finally, tape a sign to the front of the trash sack to simplify the costume!

All these costumes and more I found on multiple websites, such as,, Parent Magazine and google.  Good luck this Halloween and have a safe and happy trick-or-treat with the kiddos!!

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