Monday, October 31, 2011

7-11 Project: Trick-or-Treat

 Today marks the end of October and the day we've been anticipating all month at my house.  Before we get on to important business, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I hope it's Spook-tacular! (Yes, insert comment about how corny I am here.)  We are gearing up for the annual haunting of our neighborhood tonight.  Mr. Grouchy pants is counting the minutes until the sun goes down so that he can get his "trick-or-treat" on.  He got to sport his costume at school today for the Halloween party, and walked into his class with his chest puffed out and hands on his hips.  He is going to enjoy every minute of people referring to him as "Superman" or "Clark" instead of his "boring name", as he informed me this morning.  Little does he know of how hard BC fought to try to talk me into naming him "Kent", so that on all legal documents, he would officially see Clark, Kent.  I veto'd that real quick, but that hasn't seemed to stop Grouch from putting on the outfit EVERY day this week and truly believing in his little heart of hearts that he is indeed, Superman.  He will just learn to fly when he is "Growed up". Sure honey, whatever you think.  Here is a pic below of him in his class this morning in all his superhero glory:
 And now for the update.  The 7-11 Project deadline is quickly approaching and I am scrambling to check off each item one by one.  This week has been full of activity for the holidays as well as a sense of accomplishment in the progress department.  How much success, you ask?  Let me count thy ways. . .

1.  Read 11 new books.

After I finished "The Help", I decided that it would only be fitting with the Halloween season to start Michael Leehan's Ascent From Darkness; the true story of how Satan's soldier became God's warrior. 
 I am about halfway through it so far.  It is an exceptionally EASY read as the writer is not a professional author and more so writes as if he is sitting across from you at a coffee shop and telling you his life story over a mocha latte.  His inspiring journey out of satanism and depression into a life of serving God with his whole heart is amazing and I can't wait to finish it.  I highly recommend it for any of those who have always wondered about the role spiritual warfare plays in our everyday lives. 

2. Run 11 miles every week.

Regretfully, I confess that this goal has been one that I continuously struggle with.  I believe I have not successfully ran 11 miles in one week but once during this 7-11 Project.  Busyness and laziness have ensnared me time and time again.  However, this week, I ran 9 miles in three days and felt fantastic!  That is, until the fatigue set in two days afterward. I am 5 days away from running my first 5K and am really striving to be able to RUN the entire thing.  We will see.  I may end up running most of it and hobbling to the finish line with exploding muscles. :)

3. Do 11 new activities with the kiddos.
 This Sunday afternoon, we attempted a first. We sat down and proceeded to play our very first board game as a family.  BC reluctantly joined us, but I believe he and I had more fun than Grouch or Stinker.  Candyland was always something I played growing up and I thought that it was a safe choice and age appropriate for our boys.  It was easy enough to explain and everyone was geared up to have a good time. . . .until Grouch started to lose.  Then proceeded the pouting. Oh, brother.  BC and I caught him cheating at what cards he drew and eveverything fell apart once Mommy started winning.  How dare I!?  Let's just say the game will go back on the shelf until such a time when Mr. Grouchy Pants can achieve defeat without throwing his pawn across the room in poor sportsmanship. Or until Mommy relents to letting him win every little game we ever play.  Knowing the competitiveness in myself, I'd say we won't be playing board games for quite some time. :)

4.  Try/visit/experience 11 new places, things, or activities.

I picked up a class calendar at my local YMCA where I like to go run and decided to attempt my first Zumba class.  A number of my friends have said how fun it is, so I decided that would try it out.  Upon arrival, I realized that I was one of the only ones in the class that didn't take it SERIOUSLY.  Everyone was decked out in their skintight spandex and sports bras, complete with headbands and special Zumba sneakers.  I was in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. My bad. I didn't realize I needed to come to look like I was going to be included in the next Susan Sommers Sexy Buns workout video.  I sighed as the class began and immediately fell behind.  Way behind.  As "I'm Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO blared over the stereo, the booty-shaking commenced.  Hips were swinging back and forth and the pelvic thrusting totally through me off.  Did these women take a DVD home and learn all these moves before the class? I joined in with only about every third move.  I was hopeless.  I had no mojo and I certainly wasn't bringing anything sexy back.  It was entertaining to watch all the 50-year-old "cougar-types", get their groove on.  I believe most of them were probably strippers in a former life.  And all of the 20-somethings droppin it like it's hot could probably leave this class and go directly into a MTV Spring Break casting without a problem.  However, I needed to take my clumsy rump home and study up a bit more on how the Latinas learn how to move their booties.  I enjoyed myself.  And Lord knows the other classmates enjoyed watching me make a fool of myself.  But the next time I go into Zumba class, I'm coming prepared. . .With neon armbands and leotards made for the Macarena.

And now, for the moment all 7 of you have been waiting for. . . .The first ever blog GIVEAWAY Winner!  In my attempt to gain a greater following by launching a book giveaway, I actually managed to gain 5 more blog followers this week than last week.  Not the hundreds that I completely expected to pour in (HA!), but I'll take it!  Thanks to everyone who posted a link to my blog on your facebook pages, who left me comments, and who referred me to your friends.  It means a lot to me that you find my silly little life amusing enough to tune in and see what I'm up to.  :)  I definitely plan to host another giveaway next month.  Maybe with a turkey theme.  We shall see. . . .
Without further ADO. . . .can I get a BIG round of applause for the Winner of the Miss Banana Pants Book Giveaway. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Miss DIXI BEASLEY!!!  Congrats on winning a copy of The Help, The Shack, and Ascent From Darkness.  You will LOVE all three, I promise!

I hope everyone has a safe and FANG-tastic  Halloween (yes, I brought the Corny again.  I apologize.)!  Visit my facebook page "Miss Banana Pants" and post me some pics of your little ghouls and goblins!  I'd love to see all the awesome outfits!

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