Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear God, Can You Give Santa the Memo?

Mr. Grouchy Pants speaks to himself on a regular basis. I would worry about this, as he is a bit past the whole “imaginary friend” phase, but the fact that he is usually just talking to his action heroes makes me have less cause for concern. Lately though, he has been talking to God quite a bit. I will catch him talking while he is playing by himself with his cars on the floor. Usually he just jabbers on about what he wants for Christmas and I simply perk up my ears a bit and listen, but yesterday I caught him explaining to God why he's been a pain in the butt lately. Mostly, he said things like "Stinker was mean to me when mom and dad weren't at the dinner table so I had to kick him under the table, but then he was mean again so I told on him so don't be mad God, because I didn't even tell him he was stupid, I just told him I was telling on him".

I just listened in shock.

He knows that if he says ugly words that we will take away priveledges AGAIN but he didn't exactly say them to us. He was having a private conversation with God that I wasn't invited to eavesdrop on.

He then said something even more shocking. “So God, can you tell Santa that I should still get good presents cause I've been good most of the time and I am only bad when I have to be. But Santa sees everything like you do, I just don't get to talk to him like you. So will you tell Santa that I've been trying to be good?”

In other words. . .God, could you give Santa the memo?

I was about to intervene in the conversation, but I stopped myself. I guess he should be able to just tell God how he really feels. And I'm sure that God can get the message to Santa......... Why not?


  1. just spending some time tonight checking out your your authenticity! sounds like you guys are doing a great job with your kiddos!

  2. Thanks Chris. We try. Some days I think we should start saving for their therapy, but on occasions like this one I think, "we must be doing a few things right". :)