Monday, December 12, 2011

Hot Moms Drive Minivans

I pulled up behind a minivan the other day while I was out running errands. I immediately laughed out loud when I read one of the obnoxious, tacky, ridiculous decals on the back. Right next to “Jenni-Softball” and “Mark-Baseball” was a decal that said “Hot Moms Drive Minivans.” I scoffed. I laughed. I took a picture with my Iphone. Ridiculous!

What’s the big deal, you may wonder. Well, I have a confession: I will NEVER drive a minivan. Ever. I’ll ride a bicycle. Take the bus. Hitchhike. Segway. Use my good ole-fashioned “ChevroLegs.” You may be wondering why I feel this way, and it’s pretty simple. When I was a teenager who knew EVERYTHING about nothing, I swore on my cheerleading hot pants that I’d never, ever, under any circumstances drive a minivan. It’s a matter of personal pride. Style, if you will. It’s just not for me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can see the practicality of such a vehicle. In fact, I can even understand why some moms and dads actually desire the minivan. It has the easy-to-load door, the roomy interior, etc., but it is lacking in one key department: cool points. There’s nothing sexy about a minivan. There’s nothing hot about some mom rolling up to a stop light kicking her six-disc changer to Kesha…in a minivan. There aren’t leather seats, moonroofs, or Bose speakers. Minivans aren’t built for speed. They’re not built for status. They’re certainly not built for sex appeal. They’re utilitarian. Minivans are the granny-panties of the automobile world, right next to the girdles that are station-wagons.

So, in my quest to feel sexy, Milf-y if you will, I have kept my solemn vow from the years of Smirnoff and Friday night football. I will never drive a minivan. I reserve the right to feel like a hot mom once in a while, and to me that means rollin’ my leather-clad, Bose-equipped, moonroof rockin’ SUV up to stoplights with the wind in my hair…and a carseat in the back, dignity and sex appeal intact!

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