Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear God, Could You Give Me 5 Minutes. . .

Dear God,

I'm not asking for much here, just five kid-free minutes to myself.  I'm not asking for a good shower--the one where you shave your legs and pumice your heels and slather your limbs with sea-salt-lemon-mimosa foaming body scrub and exfoliate whatever bits need exfoliating.  Nothing like that.  Just five minutes under a stream of hot water so I can shampoo the ick out of my hair, slop on a litle conditioner, swipe my face with one of the baby's washcloths, and just be. Please let there be peace while this happens--please no sibling fights, no screams from down the hall, no toddlers taking a nosedive from the top of the bunkbed, no phone calls or doorbells.  I left everyone happy and safe, please could they just stay that way until I'm done?  Then, I promise, I will emerge like Lazarus from the tomb to be a patient and sweet-tempered mom ready to start her day--with shiny hair to boot.  Thank you in advance.



  1. bahahahaha...my daily prayer. Well, that is on the days I actually GET a shower!

  2. This is SO my life today. My husband came home and I made him take over. Even now, I can hear screaming in the next room, but I'm not even affected by it. It's been one of those "I've been touched and pulled and drooled on" too much days! It's amazing how just an hour of time to myself gives me the strength to get back in there. We learn to live on very little personal time!