Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear God, A Prayer About My Kids Diet. . .

Dear God,

Would you care for a rice cake topped with peanut butter, grated carrots, and honey? No?  How about a cottage-chees sundae?  Perhaps silken tofu with avacado and pear?  None for you, thanks?  Well, guess what, my toddler feels the same way.  He would like to eat Goldfish, graham crackers, cheezits, bananas, Goldfish, fruit snacks, Goldfish, Cheerios, poptarts, Goldfish, mac-and-cheese, hot dogs (the bad kind with nitrates), and Goldfish.  Notice the lack of pureed parsnip, broccoli dippers, or whole-wheat anything.  As my own mother keeps saying, "Those green beans would go down better with a little butter and salt."  I tell her the rules have changed, but in my heart, I think she's right--is a tiny dab of butter and a few grains of salt really going to set my little one on the path to morbid obesity?  Those "best" toddler diets are like world peace.  God, a nice idea but not attainable in our lifetime.  Please help my little mosnsters to grow up healthy, as active and muscley and athletic as they come.  And in the meantime, please don't punish us if we relax a little about what he eats and doesn't eat--including that modern-day manna from heaven, Goldfish. Thank you.

Miss Banana Pants


  1. hahaha! your toddler and my toddler share a similar diet plan. and that too is my prayer everyday... :)

  2. Love this! I still don't like green beans, but I don't think that makes me a bad person.

  3. perfect perfect perfect. haha i LOVE this post. made me giggle and sooo true. E does pretty good for the most part... but definitely has her moments. and you know what? ill do whatever to make those veggies go down! including country crock {WE LIVE OFF THE TUB!}...

    i see posts of moms showing their little 18 month olds eating cauliflower, broccoli, tofu, and all sorts of stuff... DRY AS CAN BE....

    and i'm like... MHMM... STAGED.


  4. My girls LOVE broccoli, with butter and shredded cheddar of course! I first convinced them to try it when they were toddlers and told them it was baby trees - SUCCESS!
    Just gotta find what will motivate your little ones to try new foods. Not saying mine eat the healthiest - they ARE still my little girls and we LOVE our chocolate too. :)

  5. I once read that it is better to have to douse your kids' kale in chocolate syrup than it was for them to not eat it. Even though I don't have kids yet, I can see how tough this must be for you, and I think it's awesome that you're even trying in the first place! Way to go, mom!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Kristen! It IS a chore sometimes, but if I let them devour nothing but ice cream and Goldfish, I think my mom might file a child abuse complaint on me! HA! So green beans bathed in butter and salt it is!