Friday, September 28, 2012

Simplifying Life: I Promise I'm Not Homeless or Clothes 1.0

Here we are.  Week one of my clothes fast is coming to a close and the above statement is one I've thought I need to say out loud the last few days. The beginning of the week was like any other. I pulled on my jeans and Thunder t-shirt and headed out the door like usual. When I went for my run, I traded in my jeans for my black running shorts and took off. When we had our small group bible study on Wednesday, the same jeans worked just fine with my brown Old Navy t-shirt. No repeats, no biggie. But it's Friday and I realize that I am back in my Old Navy t-shirt already. At home, it's whatevs, but I had to drop Mr. Grouchy Pants off at school and I'm pretty sure his teacher noticed that this is the second time that she's seen me in this shirt in one week. Yes, I think she noticed. I got the "once-over" or "second glance". I'm pretty positive. She's judgey like that. Pphfttt! I wanted to let her know as I walked out of the classroom, "I promise we're not homeless. I promise that I have more t-shirts than this. I'm doing a fast; a social experiment, if you will. You wouldn't understand because it's a highly spiritual thing and I'm sure you would never understand.  With your perfect hair that is never in a ponytail and designer leopard-print heels. Have a nice day."

Obviously, I still have a ways to go in this whole "the outside is a reflection of the inside" thing. The fact that I was worried about my impression at all should tell you this month hasn't sunk in yet. Thankfully, I have three more weeks of this. Gravy.

Overall, I've quite enjoyed myself so far. Running to the store, driving through the carpool, visiting the dog park, etc have been so less stress than normal.  I love not having to think too hard about what I'm going to wear. There's only seven articles to choose from, so the real question every morning is What's clean or could possibly get by with just a spritz of Febreeze til I launder tomorrow?  Done deal. Aside from kindergarten drop-off, I'm finding I like Month Two so far. I obviously don't value clothes like food since Month One was ten times harder.  To discover what matters most in your life, take it away and see how quickly you writhe.  I actually thought that the Clothes month would do me in, but I'm finding I quite enjoy the limited decisions in the mornings. While my closet reveals that I am clearly still caught in the consumeristic lifestyle, it's grip on me is looser than I imagined.  I might actually untangle without severing a limb.  Then again, maybe I should be more bothered about wearing the same outfit three days in a row without washing it.  I don't know. Apparently I need to find a balance of some sort.

I will confess: As I was curling up last night to read this new book that I got, I smelled something a bit funky. I smelled the dog. . .same funk as always. Nothing new. Then I realized. . .it was my jeans. They'd been worn for 4 straight days and I was trying to hold off til Friday to wash them, but I believe they've reached their limit. Note to self:  Wash jeans every other wear. So that's embarrassing. I don't want to become that girl this month.  The one who smells of mildew funk. Maybe I should start pushing around a shopping cart full of empty coke cans too. I'm not sure. But one thing I am sure of. . .this month is for ME.  I have a lot of internal work to do and this first week was just a step in front of the mirror with a fresh look at how much my outward and inward are slightly off-kilter. We'll work on that, shall we? :)

Find out how I fared in Week Two


  1. I usually wear my jeans two days before I stand them up in the laundry room. I tend to go with polo shirts or Henley type shirts most of the time. I doubt people pay any attention to what I am wearing which is ok with me.

    When you say seven articles to choose from what do you mean? Do you have 7 pants, 7 shirts, 7 pairs of socks, of is what you are doing just 7 total articles like 2 pants and 5 shirts and a dress???

    1. Mark, yes, you heard right. SEVEN ARTICLES total. 3 pairs of pants and four shirts. That's it. Socks, shoes, undergarments, all that jazz does not count. I cannot, however, don a hat or any kind of jewelry besides my wedding ring. Simplifying. . .

  2. So, I think I've officially decided what my fast is going to be. For the past couple of days, I've been thinking about what has a hold on me, and it's dawned on me that my vice grip is on COFFEE (and caffeine in general). Gah! No, don't take away my coffee! *sigh* It must be done, and it'll be interesting to see how that goes. A whole month without coffee??? If anything, I'm sure I'll see how much money I save. lol! Starbucks will have to say goodbye to me for a while. Now the issue is when I'll do it. *nibbles on fingernails*