Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When In Doubt, Dance It Out!

"I won't tell you that I love you, kiss or hug you, cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin, I'm not lying, I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue-gunnin'. . ." Pardon me while I tune out my toddlers and bust a quick move in my kitchen as I whip up some mac-and-cheese for dinner. Sexy, I know.  

I know you all do it too. And so does one of my new besties, Ms. Leanne Penny!! Sit up straight and give her your full attention as she dazzles you with a little ditty she likes to call, "When In Doubt, Dance It Out!". I know you'll adore her rawness and wit as much as I do! 

Everyone has a portion of their day where they’re just trying to survive. For some people it’s the morning, for some people it’s the post lunch slump, but for me it’s the hours between 3:00 - 5:15. When naps are over, I’ve exhausted all my creative energy, organizational skills and patience. When all I can do is dole out goldfish crackers and stare at the clock until my husband comes home.

Incidentally the staring at the clock business just makes everything worse.

Sure I could pop in a movie, but usually it fails to fully distract my kids and they just end up under my feet in the kitchen while I grumble and try to get dinner ready.

Why, oh Why are they so interested in messing with my perfectly organized spice drawer? And what is so interesting about breaking into the dishwasher and trying to jump on the door like it’s a trampoline?

There is only one remedy for this portion of the day and Lady Gaga said it best when she said: Just dance, gonna be okay, da-da-doo

So when I feel like I can’t take it anymore I do what Meredith and Christina (Grey’s Anatomy reference) taught me and dance it out, yo.

The kids love it when Mom gets silly and I usually end up wearing myself out swinging them around, doing dips and jumps all over the living room dance floor.

I’m a terribly unskilled dancer and there is something about letting my inner crazy out that puts my body in sync with my soul.

Anyone remember what they called the “Elaine dance” on Seinfeld? That’s right.. a “full body dry heave.” I’m pretty sure my dancing looks something like that, mixed with a flailing flying squirrel. If you saw this dance party business I’m not sure if you’d want to commit me or be my friend.

But no matter, as my kids and I groove to the beat and giggle together I’m somehow reminded of what matters and what doesn’t. My stress and frustration gets shaken off as we boogie down.

A picked up living room at 4:15? Doesn’t matter! We’re not done playing yet.

Goldfish on the floor of the dining room? Doesn’t matter! They will do way worse at dinner, that pot of chili will be all over the wall soon!

You just can’t stay crabby when you’re jamming with a one year old on your beige Berber carpet. Cutting a rug on the proverbial rug if you know what I mean.

Sure now my 3 year old requests to watch the Gagnam Style music video 7 times a day but it’s kind of funny and totally worth the sanity that it brings to the worst part of the day.

Sometimes the silly dance party saves my life.

7 Penny Family Approved Dance Jams

Gagnam Style (PSY) Call me Maybe (Carly Rae Jespen) Life’s a Happy Song (From Muppets soundtrack) Just the Way you Are (Bruno Mars) Lady Gaga (Just Dance) Dynamite (Taio Cruz)
Rhythm of Love (Plain White T’s)

Before you all rush off to load your iPods with family friendly jams, make sure you stop on over to HER BLOG and take a look around. She's not only hysterical and insightful, but she's traveled a hard road and I find myself constantly encouraged and inspired by her strong spirit and ability to see past the "yuck" of life and focus on the joy. You can also connect with her VIA FACEBOOK HERE.  I just adore her, as will you! 

What are your family dance jams? What saves your life in the worst part of your day?


  1. Great advice! I do this with my two little ones (5 & 2) and they love it! My three oldest (17, 14, 12) "pretend" (note I say pretend), they hate it when I start, but yet the smirk's and smiles on their faces say it all! And the fact they stick around and watch the silliness between me and the younger kids, all the while laughing is an added bonus! It just goes to show you...it even helps reduce stress levels with older kids!!! :)

    1. Thanks for the comments! Our little ones are about the same age. I don't have older ones, but I can only imagine the look on their faces when I bust out a little Hammer Time when their friends come over afterschool someday. :)

  2. We do this everyday at 3:30!!! Its crazy how chaotic life gets right around dinner time- that small little break and shaking our booties really calms everyone down. Plus, the kids think I am THE BEST DANCER EVER! Flailing and all. :)

    1. The "flailing" kind is the best kind, Lindsay! Ha! My kids never get enough of me acting like a complete and total idiot! :)

  3. It's just me and my barrel-shaped dog, his short little dachsy legs flipping up and down. I break out his favorite activity...blowing bubbles...he leaps like a pogo stick to catch every single one, while doing a low growl. I call it the Doggy Bubble Down. THANKS LADIES...I NEEDED THAT!

  4. Number one if I tried to dance it out I would most likely get hurt and number two if I did that most likely anybody watching me would get hurt too. Hurt from falling over laughing.

  5. Aw. I love both you girls! Dancin' it out has saved me since the early days of being a single mother after getting knocked up. (Story for another day and stronger drink darlings). It was Louie Prima then (not sure I spelled that correctly). Now it's "Good Time" by Owl City and Carly Rae. You can't stay in a bad mood when you're gettin' your groove on.

    1. I'd love to hear about some of these stories over stronger drinks, Joy! When are you stopping by to dish? :) I too love Carly Rae, though my husband laughs at me. You definitely can't stay in a bad mood gettin your groove on! Thanks for the compliments! I just love you to pieces!

  6. I would like to add that I have challenged people and I think I challenged you Joy when you were having a bad day to see if you could keep from smiling when you skip around the house. Now that is one thing I can do. :)