Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear God, Thank You For My Job. . .

Dear God,

Most days I'm so happy to be staying home with my kids, and so grateful I can do it.  But some days--the dark, rainy, long ones with multiple meltdowns and runny diapers and piles of laundry and too many games of Candyland--I do long for a clean, well-lit office, a coffeemaker that's always on, adults to talk to, and a job with a clear set of goals and objectives.  What are my goals and objectives now?  Get through the day, and then get through the next.  Run the entire household--and because we're down to one salary, run it on a dime.  Be there for my kids--be the one who's there when they wake up, the one who helps them navigate the social frustrations of the park and library, the one who plays here-comes-the-airplane in the high chair and sings them to sleep for their naps.  I love all of this, and I chose it, even though I know it means no budget for new clothes for the next decade or so.  All I need, God, is a short witty reply when people ask me what I "do",  one that doesn't make me sound defensive, stupid, or like some kind of militant post-feminist mommybot.  Help me to truly believe that work is always out there if I want it, but for now, my work is here.  Thanks, God.


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