Monday, June 18, 2012

I'd Like To Thank The Academy. . .I Mean Google

For all those amigas who are savvy to the "blogging world" and for those of you who aren't, let me let you in on a little secret.  Google Search is Bananas!  I mean, really!  Let me explain. . .

You see, I like to stay fresh "in-the-know" as to how many page views I get, where the traffic comes from, SEO trends, etc. I blame this in part on my dabble in the marketing field in my previous life (B.C. = Before Children). And in gathering this information, it's been brought to my knowledge that people find my little parenting blog in the most hilarious ways. Google has become my best friend, in more ways than one.  As if I didn't need one more reason to adore it besides the fact that I use it daily to search for the most random of things, such as "previous hairstyles of Kelly Clarkson", "Thunder basketball players names", or "Why does my son constantly hold on to his wee-wee".  (Let it just be said as a side note that if anyone ever got ahold of my google history, many would be reassured that I am, indeed, a candidate for the loony bin!) Anyhow, back to the reasons why I love Google. Obviously people search for the most ridiculous things, I just never gave it a thought that in their quest to google some pretty off-the-wall stuff, that they would stumble upon "Miss Banana Pants".  My "keyword search results" are funny enough to leave me in stitches and bring tears to my eyes!  Let me just give you a sneak peak into my "Google Analytics" report.  These words or phrases are what brought some complete clueless folks to my little blog in the month of May:

"bottomless pants"
"how do I get to crazytown?"
"what do I do with a toddler?"
"mind-blowing facts about bottoms"
"what to do when I pee my pants"
"can I eat crayons?"
"I want to divorce my kid"
"is grouchiness hereditary?"
"someone in my office stinks"
"I want to be Dora the Explorer"
"kid's programming rots brains"
"honking mom's boobs"
"kids are lunatics"
"activities to tie up my toddler"
"I don't cook"
"amateur parent"

And my own personal favorite, and the key phrase that has brought me the MOST traffic in May. . . ."My Mom Has A Big Booty"

I'd like to thank the Academy. . .I mean Google for promoting Miss Banana Pants, for always being there when I had a random question about. . .life in general, and for the never ending laughs I've received in learning all the baffling ways these weirdos have came to know my little blog.  If you have found me due to any of the following keyword searches. . .This post's for YOU! :)

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