Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Lessons From Mr. Grouchy Pants

Anybody who reads my blog or facebook posts knows I love to complain about my children. Some might even wonder why on earth I chose motherhood as a career path. But most of you know that I love my children beyond all reason. They are my silly delight, my most profound joy.

Take this morning: At 6:30 am, while sitting on the toilet, I was treated to a lesson on how to put on a pair of underwear and pajama pants, courtesy of my son who has recently mastered these skills. This is a pretty valuable lesson, and I'm a giver, so here is Mr. Grouch's guide to putting on undies and pants. Feel free to take notes.

"First, you sit down. So you don't fall down and get a boo boo."

"Next you put one foot in the right hole. Whoops! That's de wrong hole. Dere. That's de right one! Gimme five!"

"Then you put de other one in the other one." (This was way clearer with visuals. We may need to investigate a video tutorial in the future.)

"And then you puuuuuuull dem up, up, up! Ouch! Tuck in the pee pee!"

"And then you put on the pants! TA-DA!" *Now jump up and down several times while yelling, "I love undies, I love undies, I love undies!"

Now I ask you, how can I not love this child?


  1. I googled "de other one" and sure enough it said "de other one always goes in de other one". I wrote that down so I don't forget it. Thanks young man.