Friday, June 8, 2012

Well. . .We Adopted!

Meet Abraham.

Isn't he just the cutest thing?!  He's 6 years old and from Kenya. He currently has malaria (those dang mosquitoes!), but hopefully that is on the mend.  He was referred to us through the Maisha orphanage where they have been educating and feeding him because his father, who is HIV positive, has trouble taking care of him and his three other siblings. The conditions over there in Kenya are desperate. Such poverty and so many kids left abandoned and starving.  How could we not take on ONE MORE adorable little boy!?

Okay, you got me.  We didn't adopt him in the "physical sense", although if that option was open, I would have begged and pleaded BC until he relented.   But we were given the option of sponsorship through Maisha International to help give him the gift of support and prayer and education. So we jumped on it. Our small donation a month will pay for all his meals and for all of his education supplies.  We are helping to give this little boy something that he would not get otherwise. That's so rewarding.

The thing that inspires me the most is being able to take his picture off of our fridge and talk to the my boys about his life and how we are helping him.  They don't quite understand why he can't just come visit us.  I would love to take them to meet him someday.  That is the most amazing thing about this organization.  There is the option of traveling to Kenya to meet our little Abraham.  This is going to be something that is on the bucket list for sure in the upcoming future!  I can see all three boys running and playing soccer on the African savanna! What a perfect collision of worlds that prove that love can span the entire earth and bring people together. I look forward to hugging  his neck myself someday and letting him know he has a "mommy" in Oklahoma who thinks about him everyday. For now, we'll just spend time praying for him. For his education, for his safety, for his family, and that hopefully someday God will get ahold of his heart.  I love how my own little ones pray for Abraham right now.

Mr. Grouchy Pants, during last nights bedtime prayers, "Please let Abraham have a lot of food to eat and have fun playing soccer with his friends. . .and maybe mommy will say we can call him tomorrow."

It's precious to think that they can't possibly understand why everyone doesn't have cell phones and we can't just call and talk to him anytime that we want. But someday.  Someday we will meet this extended member of our family.  Our third son. Our precious little Abraham.  God willing, we will get to be an intricate part of his childhood and just a small piece of his story.  God has great things in mind for this African son of mine.  I can't wait to sit back and watch.

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