Tuesday, March 19, 2013

30 Random Facts About Miss Banana Pants

1.  I love lists. Truly. I could make this 100 Random Facts About Tennis Shoes and get way into it. Lists are fun.

2.  The blog name "Miss Banana Pants" came from my son's very first attempt at joke-telling. It's always been a phrase in our house that cracks us up and makes us smile.

3.  Though I threaten weekly to sell them both on ebay, I absolutely love everything about being a mom. Except for the poop. I could totally do without the poop.

4.  We have a dog named Pepper Potts (after Iron Man's girlfriend), but I'm actually more of a cat lover. They aren't usually "lickers" and I absolutely DESPISE "lickers".

5.  I could eat Mexican food every single day for the rest of my life and be happy. It's all about the queso, really.

6.  We are moving to a third-world country in 76 days. I am BEYOND pumped and extremely scared at the same time. We will be full-time missionaries in Nicaragua starting May 31st.

7.  I love to put syrup on my scrambled eggs. Weird, I know. There was this one time at IHOP when my pancake syrup drenched my eggs by accident. I fell in love and never went back.

8.  From the time I was in 3rd grade to the time I was in 12th grade, I read 100+ books a year. I have the trophies to prove it. I've always been an enormous bookworm.

9.  I am friends with two of my husband's ex-girlfriends. Is that strange?? I just really think they are awesome chicks.

10.  I have an extreme aversion to deli meat. I can't eat any of it that has "edges". Weirds me the heck out.

11.  I believe I love superhero movies (Avengers, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc) more than my sons. And anyone that knows them, knows how unbelievable that is.

12.  When the hubs and I get an evening to ourselves, you know what we like to do more than anything?? NAP. We nap so hard.

13.  I'm addicted to reality television. Don't judge.

14.  I've always wanted to go into the family business. My dad is a hairstylist (a straight one, though that's rare.). Once, he even cut Jon Bon Jovi's hair.

15.  I'm a recovering shop-a-holic. I cannot be left to my own devices in a mall. It's too much pressure.

16.  I've been known to curl up on the couch when the children are not even home and watch a few episodes of Phineas and Ferb or iCarly.

17.  I'm a member of the first graduating class of the year 2000. I'm glad I took kindergarten twice.

18.  I'm currently reading through the Bible chronologically. I never knew how much of a soap opera it was until now. Brothers killing each other, stealing inheritances, prostitutes turning into spies, widows marrying family members. It's like Bachelor meets Dallas meets Duck Dynasty over here. I'm hooked.

19.  I've taken up running and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the adrenaline rush and the sense of accomplishment when I finish, but I ABHOR everything else about it. It's hard. I don't like "hard".

20.  I'm NOT a neat freak. My poor husband had no idea when he married me just how horrible of a housewife he was getting. I'm pretty sure I haven't cleaned my back bathroom in a year.

21.  "I love Jesus, but I drink a little." (If anyone can tell me where that quote is from, you're my new favorite person. But it's true of me too.)

22.  I'm the oldest of three children. I definitely suffer from oldest child syndrome. I'm bossy and independant and controlling. My little sis and bro have never appreciated these attributes. I love them anyway.

23.  I wait until we have no clean towels before I do laundry. And I'd honestly rather just go to Wal-Mart and buy new towels.

24.  I'm a sucker for social experiments. Hence the 30 Day Blog-A-Thon. And you can click above on the tab "Simplifying Life" for another one.

25.  In trying to talk my now husband into a first kiss, I believe I used the words, "I'll make you a deal. . .". He had no idea what he was signing up for.

26.  I have a handfull of friends who I've known for almost 15 years. They are like sisters to me. No matter the distance, we will always be close.

27.  I can throw a football better than most men.

28.  My mom is my best friend. I've always wanted a daughter to carry on the legacy. We're still working on the husband for that one.

29.  I've written two children's books that I have yet to publish. I need to get right on that already.

30.  I take naps almost every day. I'm pretty sure every time I lay down with my youngest, I'm out cold way before he is. I've GOT to stop staying up until 2 a.m. every night. .  .

There you have it. 30 Random Facts About Me. Is anything surprising to you? I'd love to hear your feedback or read YOUR post of random facts. Link up in the comments below! The world is a better place because of all of our quirks and differences! Share some of yours. . .


  1. We have a lot in common.

    1. I always feel that way about the Bible when I read it. Shocked, every single time.
    2. I love to nap. Even after my kids stopped napping, I still laid down every day, pretending it was for them.
    3. iCarly.
    4. Social experiments. Sign me up.
    5. I love good hair. I love fixing other people's hair. I used to cut all my friends' hair in jr high. I have done entire wedding parties. I love male hair dressers--even the gay ones.

    I had to google the quote, because it made me laugh. Caller Gladys from Ellen. So funny.


  2. I love your honesty! I plan to fill mine out at lunch today and post. Thank you for doing this. I have a feeling these questions will really make me grow.

  3. so fun... i'm skipping this one bc i had 2 liebster award random facts list recently and i think i'm burnt out of facts.. but hope to keep up with these soon :)

  4. 1. I love to read. James Rollins, Steve Berry, Brad Meltzer, Preston and Child, David Baldacci, and Margaret Weis are favorite authors of mine.
    2. I am usually reading 2 to 3 books at a time but different genres so as to not mix up the stories
    3. I love Science fiction and love time travel stories.
    4. I like to work out every day.
    5. I too hate running but like how I feel once it is done and love the benefits of it.
    6. I grew up on a farm
    7. I drove a tractor before I drove a truck
    8. I teach a time management course at times
    9. I like having check list for things I do
    10. I like doing 30 day challenges http://on.ted.com/Cutts

  5. All right Miss Banana Pants. I did it! It was awesome to put myself out there and think of all my strange little quirks.
    I think my favorite one, was my boy hair cut. When I was 8 I wanted to try out for Annie. Yep. Little Orphan Annie. I cut my hair and permed it. The real kicker? I never tried out but have a whole lot of bad pictures of that hair. ;0)

  6. Naps. No burning desire to clean. Mexican food. We are SO related :)

  7. Two things...

    1) How exciting to go to Nicaragua!!! I'm going next year to meet my sponsor child.

    2) Love me some Gladys!