Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things That Make Me LOL

Today's prompt is "What Makes You Laugh?". This is a tough one to narrow down because I do a lot of laughing on a normal basis. Besides the obvious things that my little monster's say on the daily, there are things that I find online that crack me the heck up on the norm as well. I'm providing examples below of just a few things that have made me LOL lately. If you value sarcasm (as I most certainly do!) and love to giggle, please check out the links that I'm providing and add these characters to your roster of hilariousness. You will thank me later!

"Mommy, why do you and Daddy get to stay up later?" 
"Well, we need quiet, grown-up time to sit in separate rooms and Facebook each other."

Me: "No, you are NOT putting 'Naked pillow fight' on your List of Fun Things to Do Today." Kids: "We'll wear socks!" Me: *SIGH*

I am high as hell on Sudafed. Just in time to get in the minivan and terrorize other motorists. Who said carpool line can't be thrilling?

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." This is especially true if you farted.

Kids are cute until they start asking for seconds of birthday cake before I've had a slice. Forks down and back away from the Funfetti, shorties.

My body is currently twisted into something similar to an ampersand as I have squeezed myself to fit in a toddler bed with one of the girls. Per her request.

Not sure which is more comical: the fact that I came back from taking out the trash to find the 3 yo standing naked on the front steps or the fact that I didn't even bat an eyelash.

DD (my 3-yr-old daughter): "Daddy, wipe my bum!"
Me: "Why can't you wipe your own bum?"
DD: "Ewww. I don't want to touch my poo."

Just brought the fish bowl upstairs to bed because I was afraid he was too cold downstairs. Related: I'm losing my mind.

And in related LOL news, here are just a few of the moments throughout my own week with family that have cracked me up. The hilarity abounds here in the Banana Pants household:

One second I'm all, "He's getting so big and so smart," and the next second he's shooting himself in the face with the spray-on Febreeze.

"Moooom, I love you but I really just need some space right now." My 6-year-old is delusional.

Fact: Married people cut their toenails less frequently than their single counterparts as to have weapons during blanket-stealing warfare.

"Mom, school's so long.....it's taking up so much of my day it doesn't leave any time for me to play XBox....maybe I should stop going." 
"Bud, the things that are most important take up the most of your day. School is more important than XBox."
Noah sighs heavily. "Who decided on that? They must be really boring."

Shed some light on what makes YOU LOL?? I would love to add some more moments of hilarity to my day! Happy Tuesday, amigos/as!

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