Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Best Things In Life. . .Aren't Free

Rather, I think they involve a lot of UMPH! and hard work. I've learned this lesson the hard way time and time again, and I'm learning it as we speak.

In health for example, I'm learning that the best things in life come with a lot of self-control and determination. I've devoted my last 74 days in the USA to remedying my health, which has been on a downhill spiral for years. Having kids has done some definite damage to my natural stamina! I haven't been in the gym on a consistent basis in years. Now 30 pounds overweight, I'm trying to undo the addiction to laziness I've acquired. It's no fun! I look at all these skinny chicas at the gym with envy. . .these mom's of four who run around in their size 2 pants and teach cheerleading and dance and zumba and eat organic crock pot meals every night. I'm exhausted just watching them! But I know that they have probably worn themselves out and put in a TON of hard work and they have finally reached the pay-off. I'm hoping to be there one day. For now, I strap on my New Balance sneakers once a day and hop on the elliptical. I down another protein shake instead of stopping at the drive-through, and trust that the "best bods" in life aren't free. . .but acquired slowly. I'll get there someday.

In relationships, the best things in life require a continuous investment as well. I've learned this lesson most in my marriage. For those of you who have been around lately, you are aware that my now AMAZING marriage was once in desperate ruin. You can read all about the past and how we came out of a life of infidelity HERE (Our Story: Coming Clean).  We spent the better part of 7 years not investing time, energy, and attention in what should have been the most important relationship in our life. The results were devastating. We've come a long way and we certainly don't have it all figured out, but we are finally in a place where we understand that "the best marriages" in life are hard work. They don't just happen by chance. Like anything else that thrives, they are nurtured, planned, and attended to on a regular basis. I would encourage all of my friends and acquaintances to do maintenance on their marriage daily. The pay-off is worth more than you can imagine!

I know that this phrase "The Best Things In Life. . .Aren't Free" is true in so many instances. In careers, in hobbies and developed skills, in love, in spiritual growth, in almost every area of life, it rings true. I wish it didn't take me 31 years to finally accept this truth, but I'm glad I finally figured it out! What about you?? Are the best things in life FREE. . .or costly?? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I get all of your points. I have certainly struggled with the balance of babies, and remembering the importance of fun in the adult world, and losing myself in the process of bringing children into the world. Luke you, I am just beginning to see where I went wrong and am working to discover myself all over again. You are definitely not alone. I will share my journey anytime. In my response to your question....For me, it is remembering the free stuff, the smiles, and getting through each day knowing I am making progress. sorry for my ramble. i just got out of surgery and am feeling a bit philosophical in the moment

    1. Erika, I hope you recover quickly! Thank you for the philosophical moment! I enjoy those. I'm glad I am not alone in these feelings. Balancing family and still finding time to devote to caring and investing in your marriage, spiritual growth, health, etc is something God is really showing me needs to be priority. He will make me a good mom if I invest in the things that matter. All these daily choices make us better people, more capable of having something worth pouring out onto others. Good luck on your journey too!

  2. The best things in life are not free but you can not buy them. It has taken me 3 years to get where I wanted to be from a physical standpoint and I know to just maintain that will take a lot of effort. While people may argue that the love of others is free I would say that that which we choose to do affects how that love is given to us. Relationships give the most joy and the most heartache and to make them fall more on the joy side you must work hard at it. You must consistently invest time into the relationships you value. We should spend time thinking how we can be deliberate on working on that which we value so it does not slip away.