Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The state of my house usually dictates the state of my emotions. And lately as things are becoming more and more cluttered, I'm finding myself seeping slowly into feelings of overwhelm and entrapment. Let's face it, with two toddler-size tornadoes constantly following behind me re-destroying the rooms I just tidied up, I look around at what I've accomplished at the end of the day and it ain't much. I'm not sure how to go about rectifying this ongoing problem, but something certainly has to give.

Summer break has arrived early in our house. We decided to take the boys out of Mother's Day out and have them home with me full-time starting May 1st.  I have a stockpile of activities to keep us busy, but one thing I'd also like to accomplish this summer is instilling a sense of organization.  Is that even possible with a toddler?!  We will soon find out. As a general rule, both boys like routine.  They like to know what to expect and I am happiest when I feel like my day has a purpose. Some may find it humorous that we will be starting a more strict regime with the kids in the summertime as opposed to the school season. . .well, that's just how we roll.  Or how we will roll, if everything pans out. I enjoy my "me time" too much to not have any, and the only way to find time for myself is to organize and simplify. Here's how it will all go down:  (and yes, I am mapping it all out here for you so that I will have it mapped out somewhere and so you can have a small glimpse into my crazy life.  Isn't that what this whole blogging thing is about?!)

Daily Routine
We will have a scheduled wake-up time and proceed with the rest of the day.  Certain blocks of time will be set aside for meals, snacks, nap time, crafts, and activities. If I don't keep these hoodlums busy, they will proceed with tearing the house down bit by bit. As you all may be familiar, I plan on getting these daily crafts and activities from my 100 Rockin Summer Ideas for Kids List.

Housework/Chore Schedule
Because I can't keep up with it all on my own and because these little monsters are definitely old enough to be helpers, I am going to assign daily chores for each day of the week and have the kiddos help me get them accomplished.  Not only will we be doing something together, but I want to instill in them early that it takes everyone doing their part to make a household run. Toddlers are capable of making their beds (horribly), helping dust furniture, picking up toys, loading and unloading the dishwasher, etc. Hopefully this tactic of dividing and conquering the chores weekly will eliminate the mountains of it left for the weekend.

Quiet Time
I know how important it is to re-focus on a daily basis.  I think this is probably something that is best taught early. We will be calling this point in our day "Quiet Time".  Since I don't get much silence throughout the day, it will be a requirement everyday after lunch. Mommy needs her Jesus-time during the day so as to eliminate the need for a Wine-time every night. In all seriousness, I need this time more than they do. I need the daily reminder that I can do this. A moment to regroup and reconvince myself that I am doing a good job and that it's alright if I need a few moments to just breathe.  Most people call this nap time.  But I have a Mr. Grouchy Pants who stopped napping eons ago.  We will be using this time to look at books, listen to quiet music, pray, and just practice being still. Lord knows he needs the practice!  I am a bit concerned with the difficultly he will have starting kindergarten next year since he has issues just sitting down to eat lunch.  He's more of a "grazer" than a "park-it" kind-of-kid.  Heaven help us.  And bless our future "quiet times".

Monthly Projects
Did I mention that my house is clutter-ific?  It's beyond help.  I won't post pics because I don't want to embarrass my husband.  Lord knows it wouldn't embarrass me.  I'm convinced you all are well aware already that I am off my rocker. Anywho--monthly projects. We will have them. Things like Clean out the Garage, Landscape the Front Yard, Clean Out Closets, etc. These are things I've been putting off forever and would most likely continue to put off but my hubby has threatened to take all of my stuff to the dump if I don't do something with it.

Did someone say running? Is there a mass-murderer after me?! The older I get, the more I hate to exercise. Which just makes the fact that I need to do it even more now that I am 30+ even more offensive. What I don't want to happen is what I got a small taste of last night. We finished dinner and decided to head out into the neighborhood for a walk at night with flashlights with the boys.  They had so much fun for 4.7 minutes. Once the excitement of the flashlights diminished, all my 5-year-old kept repeating was, "Can we seriously go home now?  My legs hurt."  Wow. Apparently I don't have active enough toddlers. It seems about right. Ever since the boy discovered Angry Birds on the iphone, all he wants to do all day is sit around and stare at a screen.  Something's gotta give. We will be making it a point to get outside for at least 15 minutes everyday and do something active. It will be good to pull my kindergartner away from the digital stimulation and it will do me good to work off those lovely love handles.

What about you guys?  Do you have any ideas to help me clean out the clutter in my life and find a much needed sense of balance?  What have YOU done to create balance and order in your home?


  1. Wow, I loved this post :) Everything you've said is just so true!

  2. You just listed out my summer! Lol. My just turned 3 year old rocks at putting away her toys (when reminded to), helping with dishes and laundry. But the cutter....oyyyyyy freaking vey!! I just finished clearing out the clutter in the playroom only to have a birthday party load it back up again. Im at my wits end! And did I mention my office? Yeah, im typing this on my phone since I cant find my computer. I feel for ya girl! I can barely keep my house together with one toddler, nevermind 2!