Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear God, I Need A Nap. . .

Dear God,

I cannot go on.  It's four in the afternoon.  My morning caffeine high is long gone, and I have hours and hours to go before I manage to get to bed.  I am quite certain I could crash to the floor this instant and sleep like a rock for a week. Please, can I have just five minutes to pass out?  I cannot read one more syllable of Underpants Thunderpants, I cannot even lift my hand to turn the next page, I am THAT tired. Please let my chattering little monkey--who is busy telling me the colors of all the different underpants--please let him not notice that my eyes are closing. Please let him be oblivious as I quietly lose consciousness. Please let me not hear, "Mommy, pick up your head!  Mommy, why is your voice sounding funny?" Just five minutes, God, and I'll be a new woman, ready to push through the rest of the day. Thank you.


1 comment:

  1. If that prayer gets answered, let me know. I'll start a novena pronto!