Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock Your Kids Summer with These 5 Awesome Activities!

Having trouble keeping the kiddos occupied this summer?
 Here's a little relief! 
 We've come up with 
Join in on the fun as we continue
highlighting these activities and crafts.
Today, we will spotlight 5 more
 for you to enjoy with your kiddos!

Fly Kites at the Park
This was a favorite for my boys last year.
We spent evenings at our park watching kites fly 
as the sun went down. 
This year, we plan on joining the fun again.
We may try to make our own kites!
To try this with us, here is an easy tutorial to follow:

Make a Backyard Obstacle Course
This activity can be perfect for a birthday party or event!
One of the greatest things about a homemade obstacle course 
is that you can use whatever items you have on hand.
 A stuffed animal slalom course?  Sure! 
Hurdles made from rolled-up beach towels? Absolutely!
There are many different ways to create your
very own obstacle course. 
Some ideas include:
limbo, or army crawl under a broomstick propped on some boxes
Make a tunnel out of boxes to crawl through
Make hurdles using pool noodles or broomsticks
ring toss with hula hoops

Milk Jug Toss
This is such a fun craft to do with the kids!
Take a couple of empty milk jugs, and cut the bottoms out.
Use whatever spare balls you have around the house.
Play the same way you would "catch".
Kiddos might like making this activity
just as much as playing it!

Attend a Concert in the Park
Most cities offer a summer concert series.
Here in Edmond, most public parks begin their summer concerts
in June and July.
Go online and find an event in your local area!
Pack a blanket, some lawn chairs, and sandwiches
and settle in for some relaxation while the kids 
frolic on the park lawn!

Make a Living Room Race Track
 This is something that I did with the monsters last weekend!
It was such fun! 
Use white masking tape to create roads and race tracks.
We used the sofa and love seat as part of our track.
The boys got really creative and  built cities around the roads
and got out their superheroes to play along. 
It was a fun activity with easy clean-up!

Join us next Thursday as we explore
5 more awesome summer activities!
Happy Playing!

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