Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear God, I'm At McDonald's. . .Again.

Dear God,

I'm a responsible, eco-aware mommy (most of the time).  I've watched Food, Inc.  I know the dangers of preservatives, nitrates, and Big Food.  So why are we here?  Because my kids are starving and I'm exhausted and we're broke, and McDonald's means cheap food and free entertainment for toddlers.  Also, the fries are to die for. With that said, we are not even done with ordering, and I'm already regretting it.  My kids are hanging on my knees asking for a certain toy to come in their Happy Meal.  Oh, I know McDonald's is trying to peddle healthier food for kids, it's just that it's not the food that my kids want to order.  They want M&M McFlurries and action heroes.  Which, they are not getting, God. I know this is not a healthy choice in the long run, but please just look the other way today as they plow through their Happy Meals searching for the toy, gobbling down a few fries and a couple of bites of nuggets, and savor the thrilling experience of running wild through a public space with one hundred other screaming kids. Thank you for cutting us some slack today, God.  Also, thanks for creating a world that includes McDonald's fries.  They are evidence that miracles truly exist.



  1. hahaha, I am guilty of this one too. He frickin' LOVES McDonalds.

  2. we only get to go to McDonalds about once a month, so I don't feel guilty at all. I'm fairly sure that there are more preservatives in the playdough mine is eating right now that one silly order of french fries...and BTW it kinda peeves me off that we are forced to get apples when our kids truly deserve the oil and sodium saturated french fries!!!