Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dear God, A Prayer Over Facebook. . .

Dear God,

I'm logging off.  I'm just checking for one more thing, then I'm shutting the computer down and goind to bed--it's way too late.  I just need to see if my girlfriend posted the photos of her daughter's ballet recital--oh, she did!  And they are adorable!  Gotta share these.  There, now I can log off.  Thank you for Facebook, Lord, it's a total lifeline.  In one place I can connect with all my local mommy friends, keep up with my friends from high-school and those who are raising their kids halfway across the world, stay buddies with church friends from eons ago, and follow the exploits of pretty much everyone from college without ever having to go to those hated reunions.  It makes me feel less isolated when I see that a friend is having an even worse time with her toddler than I am.  (Through her photo, I see she managed to lose all her baby weight and get fabulous new highlights while she's struggling.)  It's good for my brain to keep up with my old co-workers.  (Though it's obvious from the drama in their wall posts that I would have a lot of catching up to do if I ever try to rejoin the workforce again.)  And, what the heck, it's a good mental-health break to take a quiz about 80's music, or my favorite chick flicks, or 25 Things I Don't Know About My Best Friend.  Lord, please help me to tap the good in Facebook without getting sucked into what's mindless or undermining.  Help me to be happy for my friends, and help them be happy for me. Help me not to judge--or be judged--too harshly.  Most of all, God, please help me to log off when I should.  Like now.  I promise I'm logging off now.  Right after I take this quiz, What Kind of Online Mommy Are You?


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  1. What an amazing prayer. I love this! I relate to this so much too! You are so not alone. So glad to have found your blog :)