Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear God, A Prayer Over Our Park Visit. . .

Dear God,

Please let my kids behave today.  Please let me behave today.  Please let the line at the slide be orderly--please no pushing or biting.  Please stop my oldest from giving everyone his Furrowed Brow of Death stare.  Please no flinging of sand in the sandbox, please no coveting anyone else's toys (which always seem superior to ours, no matter how many I bring).  Please let at least one baby swing be open so that my little guy can hang out there happily.  Please let the other swings be filled with kids who have normal moms--just for today.  God, please no Supermoms with their toned arms and their expensive sunglasses and the cute capris that somehow don't make them look like a stuffed sausage with sawed-off legs, which is what happens when I try to wear cute capris lately.  Please no lectuires from the Armageddon Moms over the toxicity of my child's pacifier, snack, discount clothing, or stroller manufactured in China.  Please let us have a perfect park visit today.  In return, I promise not to hate on the pretty moms in my heart, talk about my feelings about homeschooling or SpongeBob.  Hoping we can work something out, God, and thanks.



  1. Dear God, Thank you for sending this blog post to me today...I love her. Amen

    Dear Life From A mom of Boys (She wants to kill two of btw....well just maim)

  2. Love it!!!

    I have to go to the pediatricians today. Do you have a prayer for that?!?! :)

    1. Ada, I have to take my oldest for some immunizations this summer for kindergarten. You'd better believe there will be a prayer over the pediatricians office! Saying a quick one for you today!

  3. Just found your blog...and love it. Makes me feel sane.... Kinda ;)
    This prayer post hit home today....maybe tomorrow I should get out of the house and take the kids to the park? We shall see....